A Unit of the
Indian National Congress

The Largest Democratic
Party in the world

Lakshadweep T.C.C.
A-1, Bashra
Kav Aratti
Tel. (O) : 048966-263264, 22059
Fax : 0489-2222212, 2222555

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"One of the things we are most proud of in India is our democracy. Our democracy holds and has continued to be stable, is because it is representative not just of its people but of India’s pluralist, diverse and rich cultural heritage. This is something that the Congress Party has always stood by and our commitment to the nation and to its people is constantly demonstrated through our policies at the Centre and in the States. "

Smt Sonia Gandhi


Shri Ponnikkam Shaikhoya 

President, Lakshadweep Territorial Congress Committee





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